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Chiramith Precision (India) set up in 1990 at Kannur, Mangalore, Chiramith Precision (India) was the result of Mr. B. Ramachandra's decade-long experience in precision components manufacturing, garnered at Switzerland. Within a span of two decades, the company has evolved into one of the largest export unit of precision turned components of India.

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At present, Chiramith Precision (India) is a 100% EOU, that supplies high precision components and assemblies in small, miniature and micro-sizes. Having incorporated a spirit of innovation and total focus on quality, Chiramith Precision has succeeded in establishing a worldwide customer base in international markets. Our global presence is substantiated to a large extent by the highly developed Swiss technology being projected through a network of technical efficiency and responsive customer service.

Through our profound knowledge in materials, manufacturing processes, production techniques and support logistics we have turned Chiramith Precision (India) into one of the best of its kind in the industry. Today Chiramith Precision (India) is one of the largest exporters of watch screws and precision turned components to European and South East Asian countries and has achived sales target of 1.5 million USD per annum.