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Whatever maybe your requirements in turned components, Chiramith can manufacture it. From the finest pinions for a watch to the miniature parts of medical equipments, we have taken the responsibility of making it materialize.

Turned components in steel, magnesium, brass or light metal for any application - from entertainment electronics to hitech computers, watches, home appliances, automobiles, medical parts and aerospace components - are manufactured by Chiramith.

chiramith factory

  • Diameters : Upto 20mm dia in conventional sliding head machining and upto dia 51mm in CNC machining.
  • Capacity : Prototype through high volume(millions of parts produced daily)
  • Materials: Broad range of standard and special grade Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.
  • Expansive turning capabilty increases flexibility for the right machine for your unique part.
  • In House Facilities
    In house tool room supports the production with Escomatic coil Straightening Machine, Ewage Follower Radius Grinding Machine, Technica all types of Drill Bit Grinding Machine, Schaublin Lathe with special attachments, Aciera Universal Milling Machine & Jema Component Cleaning Machine.

    chiramith factory