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Swiss type sliding head CAM machine

At Chiramith, world's best precision engineering skill and state-of-the-art machinery is working to its full capacity. Chiramith has been manufacturing and exporting 200 million components per annum.

The Production division at Chiramith Precision is comparable to the finest in the world. Only the finest machinery and the best Raw materials in the world are used to manufacture everything at Chiramith Precision.

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Sliding Head Automatic Machines
Meant for High Precision Components, these Swiss machines are one of the finest in the world. The capacity of these machines are from 1mm to 20mm dia and are dependable for making tiny components with high precision and accuracy.

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Types of Sliding Head Automatic Machines

Tornos M4, Tornos T4, Tornos TV, Tornos MT4, Tornos MP4, Tornos M7, Tornos R7-10, Tornos R10, Tornos R16, Petermann P4, Tornos RR20

sliding head automatic machine