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Tool Room

Technica Drill Manufacturing Machine
Chiramith specializes in making flat drills from 0.20 dia out of carbide bits with 5-micron tolerance. This highly skilled job is handled by Technica Drill Manufacturing Machine, the most sophisticated of its kind for this job.

The Production division at Chiramith Precision is comparable to the finest in the world. Only the finest machinery and the best Raw materials in the world are used to manufacture everything at Chiramith Precision.

technica drill manufacturing machine

Escomatic Coil Straightening Machine
This machine is used to produce straight rods from a coiled bundle of Raw Materials to the required lengths.

coil straightening machine

Aciera Milling Machine
Known for its accuracy in making Tools and Dies, the Aciera Milling Machine is yet another strength of the Chiramith Tool Room.

schaublin bench lathe

Schaublin Bench Lathe
The Schaublin Bench Lathe is one of the best and most versatile lathe machine used around the world in the manufacturing of Turned Components. This Swiss made machine has attachments for different job requirements like Square Milling, Threading and Grinding.

schaublin bench lathe